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Home Therapy - Sertsou Maria - Neurological - Musculoskeletal - Respiratory - Agia Paraskevi Attica


At "Home Therapy," we understand the importance of personalized and comprehensive care so that each patient feels at their best.

Patient Assessment Services
As part of the patient assessment, we provide specialized services with an emphasis on the following elements:

1. Balance: Assessing balance is essential to understanding the patient's motor abilities. Our experts offer programs that strengthen balance and prevent falls.
2. Strength: Increased strength is critical to independence and good health. Our physical therapists focus on customized exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve the patient's overall strength.
3. Range of Motion: Good range of motion is essential to maintaining flexibility and mobility. Our specialists undertake the evaluation and improvement of the range of motion in each joint.
4. Muscle Tests: With the help of muscle tests, we analyze the strength and performance of the muscles, creating a customized program of strengthening and rehabilitation.
5. Body Weight – Lipometry: Weight assessment and lipometry help in understanding overall health and body composition. Our nutritionists provide personalized advice to improve nutrition and achieve goals.


At "Home Therapy," every patient is treated with care and respect. The patient's assessment is tailored to their individual needs, forming a fully personalized treatment plan.

If you are looking for patient assessment with professionalism and personal care, Home Therapy is here to provide the highest quality of service. Contact us today to begin a journey to improving your health and wellness.